i love my clients! 

Working with Sonnet has allowed me to grow in several areas of my life. She has provided me with insight on how to make improvements in fitness and in attitude. She uses her real life experiences when teaching which has helped me to feel connected and coming back for more classes.
— Trisha M. Guillermo, 52, Honolulu
On Strength & Wellness Group:
I had tried to work out at home alone—using the weights we have or following a video. And I found out that I was lonely and not having fun. By working out with a Blue Lotus Fitness Group, I not only made new friends, but I found myself looking forward to the workouts.
You never know what to expect. It’s easy to get scared if you know you have to do certain exercises. But when I see the board with the workout of the day posted on it, I don’t have time to be so scared, and I am with a group to try everything new. The best result I have seen is increased strength—legs, arms, core—and I have experienced a renewed positive attitude towards exercise!
— April Coloretti, 49, Hawaii Kai
I appreciate Sonnet and her coaching, as it is helping me get through this rough patch in my life. She is a very easy person to talk and relate to, and someone I can count on. After my coaching sessions, I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to tackle the busy days ahead. It’s always a good feeling to know that I have someone supporting me, and who can see my potential when I can’t. Her coaching has set me on the path towards my best self, and I am grateful for the positivity and light she brings into my life.
— Angel D., 27, Wahiawa, HI
Taking part in transformative coaching was a very life enhancing experience. It allowed me to visualize and open up to positivity and possibility. Sonnet guided me to transform once negative moments into moments of learning and growth. Thank you for helping to open my heart to the universe so I can move past issues that might have been holding me back and move forward to pursing my goals.
— Elsie S., 33, San Francisco/Honolulu
Sonnet has an inner light that shines positivity, grace and humbleness while she encourages greatness in her clients. She is the first trainer/coach that has helped me get a handle on my struggles with nutrition, food relationships and emotional eating. Since starting my weight management journey I have lost 10” in my waistline and over 50lbs on the scale! I give my highest recommendation to Sonnet if you are seeking a trainer/coach.
— David G, Honolulu, HI
I am a 58 year old female, I was 16lbs heavier than I wanted to be a few months ago and I have areas on my body that I want to see less of (my hips, thighs and underarms). I also want to have a more positive view about my body.

I have worked out with a few individual trainers over the past 8 years here on Oahu and was successful in losing a few pounds, but only for short periods of time.

I met Sonnet at the Kailua beach bootcamp over a year ago and was very impressed with her class and her teaching skills. She taught workouts for the beginner to the seasoned athlete incorporating strength training, cardio, plyometrics and more.

For the past 3 months she has been coming to my home twice a week for an individual training session, lasting 1 hour. She is very generous with her time, never in a hurry. She is spot on with correct body positioning, throughout the entire workout. She is informative on what muscle or muscle groups you are working. An excellent teacher. Definitely knows her anatomy and physiology.

After 5 weeks, I was down 5lbs, 2” off my waist, 2” off my thighs and 1” off my arms & calves, and feeling terrific. I am still seeing positive results in the way my clothes fit and I am looking forward to my next weigh in and body measurements.

Sonnet has completely changed the way I think about food & exercise. Overall I feel much better about my body. Transformative is one of the words used in her company’s title and I think it is very fitting. I feel like I am in the process of changing not only my outward appearance, but my inside as well. Sonnet’s approach is completely unique and very refreshing. She is passionate about helping you understand how to nourish your body, both physically and emotionally. One of her quotes that I love, “When you are hungry and you’re ready to grab something to eat, stop and pause for just a few seconds then ask yourself…..is this food that my body needs and will it provide the nourishment to sustain me until my next meal?” It sounds so simple, but what a profound impact that statement has made on my food choices over the past few months.

I could go on and on about how insightful, kind, compassionate, beautiful, awesome and refreshing Sonnet is, but I won’t. You need to meet her for yourself, to experience her wonderful energy!!
— Maureen S. , 58 years old, Kailua
I would like to thank this amazing lady for helping me with my journey! In the past five weeks she’s helped me reach so many of my goals and with her guidance...I plan on reaching a few more. Thank you Sonnet for being there for me and pushing me to be a better/healthier person inside and out. You have not only had an impact on my life, but on the life of my children. I am grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You’re not only my health coach but a true friend. You have changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you enough.”
— Amber Grado, 31 years old, Honolulu
“Outdoor workouts are the best! Everyone is positive and supportive. Sonnet always makes sure the workouts are challenging with a variety of routines and equipment, and provides modifications when needed ..... definitely feel much stronger since starting. So appreciative!”

— Caryn R, Kailua
I think that the name ‘Boot Camp’ scares people away. But Sonnet is so sweet and she makes exercise really fun! And that’s coming from someone who never exercised regularly. I would say I have enjoyed the encouragement and camaraderie, all the while building up strength and stamina that I didn’t have before.

Since starting bootcamp, I can go hiking and not be the last one like I used to be. I am faster or have more stamina than some adult men. I don’t let my age be the excuse for not being physically active.

— Susan Imae, 55 years old, Honolulu
Love that the classes are held outdoors near the beach; it makes working out much more enjoyable and fun. Also I appreciate the smaller class sizes. I love the fact that modifications are offered and that you always encourage us to listen to our bodies. There are days when I have to slow down and there are days when I can go on and on, and I appreciate the extra push to go hard and that its okay to go slow if I need to.

Since starting bootcamp I have noticed that I am able to run for longer distances without stopping and I also notice increase in strength (arms, legs, abdominals).

— Angel Decierdo, Honolulu
I would be so tired after work. I tell my friends it’s “mommy tired” because after a full time job...you go home to your other full time job! But convincing myself to go to Blue Lotus Fitness Bootcamp always pays off. A hard earned sweat means a better sleep! I have a long journey to losing the mommy weight, and it’s fun to be on this journey with all of the other bootcampers. Blue Lotus Fitness, Sonnet, and her other coaches provide a safe environment to challenge myself and get stronger a little by little, day by day. Blue Lotus Fitness Bootcamp challenges me to try things I wrongly believed I could not do! I like the challenge!

My favorite things about bootcamp are: the friendships I have made, the fact that I can now hold plank for over 90 seconds and Sonnet!!!!
— April Coloretti, Hawaii Kai
Bootcamp helped me become strong physically but also mentally and emotionally. The positive energy from Sonnet, the outdoor atmosphere (sunsets at Magic Island), and even with the group of women I was around really made me feel invigorated and energized. It provided me with a much more positive experience than that of being at Crossfit or the DUT classes at UFC. I think the combination of the factors mentioned above, plus the amazing and fun workouts, made me feel like I was having a COMPLETE work out. Being in bootcamp was empowering — it gave me confidence and I’ve made friendships along the way. The journey is truly remarkable and I so wish that I wasn’t moving out-of-state, because I would continue with bootcamp every week if I could.

My favorite things about bootcamp are:

1. Being outside!
2. Being at the beach!
3. Sonnet is such a great and sweet coach
4. The other ladies are awesome and easy going
5. Good variety of working out different parts of the body (never boring)

I also did two Transformative Coaching sessions. I was semi skeptical at the very first session, thinking “this is a little weird...” but later when I applied what I learned into real life, it actually WORKED. I was able to assert a level of calmness that I hadn’t been able to do before, and I have Sonnet to thank for that!
— Jen Gamiao, 38 years old, San Francisco/Honolulu
I just wanted to send my aloha and my sincerest appreciation to you for all that you have done for me. Your beautiful smile and encouraging spirit has allowed me to accomplish things I never thought were possible. You have inspired me to want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and actually doing it! I will be forever grateful for all you have done. You are an angel!
— Lilinoe K., Honolulu
Changing your mindset is always challenging, but Sonnet makes it easy to talk through the “why” and “what,” and look at how to change the “now” to see positive results. After working with Sonnet, my thought process is starting to focus on what I want as opposed to what I don’t want, and how that changes my environment! I would definitely recommend transformative coaching.
— Caryn R, Kailua
I was the happy recipient of Sonnet’s outstanding personal training and coaching expertise getting me active again. In my earlier, life I was running marathons, swimming, backpacking, etc. But later I became complacent, watching too much football and drinking beer. I became overweight and heading on a downward spiral. I was conflicted between knowing what I should be doing and doing it, and hating myself over eating ice cream or having a beer. Then I met Sonnet. She whipped me into shape. More importantly, she provided motivation to transform my inactive life to a one with regular exercise. I lost 15 lbs, quickened my 5k pace by over 1 min 30 sec per mile, and regained strength. Then, after major back surgery from a congenital spine defect, she got me back on my feet to pursue my goals, and gave me the confidence to take it to the next level of running 8 to 10K trail races and biathlons. I can’t thank Sonnet enough for helping me out the way she did. She made a positive impact on my life which I will always be indebted.
— Rick S, Kailua, Hawaii